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Episode 2: What defines role emerging OT?

Role emerging OT is considered a hot topic right now! With reimbursement and insurance changing, many of us are considering practicing in non-traditional areas. Whether you are considering starting up your own business, or wanting to take the leap and apply for a grant, this is the podcast for you! So before I bring on my guests for the year (and let me tell you I have so many amazing guests in 2020) I want to discuss in detail the topic of role emerging areas of practice.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to read the book Role Emerging Occupational Therapy. It is edited by Miranda Thew, Mary Edwards, Sue Baptiste and Matthew Molineux. If you do not have this book I highly recommend you go to Amazon and purchase it! It is phenomenal and answered a lot of questions I was starting to have surrounding the topic of role emerging areas of practice in our field. The most basic way to explain what role emerging practice looks like is--- these are areas where OT is not currently a service provided. This does not mean you have to 100% change up what you are already doing-instead you are venturing out and offering a service in an industry where OT is currently not a typical provider. Role emerging areas of practice don’t just focus on disease management and rehabilitation, but instead they also focus on illness prevention, increase overall wellness, and being a part of policy change. I think when the topic of role emerging comes up in conversation many people have their own idea as to what that means. It’s important for the sake of this podcast that I establish a definition or guidelines as to what is considered role emerging.

There are many more role emerging areas than what are listed below, but here are just a few to give you an idea as to what is truly considered role emerging.

1. An OT who develops an exercise program at an assisted living facility—promoting health and wellness

2. An OT who develops a hygiene program at a local homeless shelter

3. An OT who develops a work skills group at a local homeless shelter

4. An OT work develops injury prevention programming at a local factory

5. An OT who develops a program/consults with first responders on self-regulation—tips on how to increase regulation capacities when not on the job and tips for in the moment

6. An OT who designs a program for new moms on the topics of self-regulation/co-regulating baby, and provides education related to their role in being a mother

This episode also discusses the topic of occupational justice and how it relates to policy change and role emerging areas of practice.

If you have any questions or comments in regards to role emerging practice areas please don't hesitate to message me! I think this topic of conversation is important for our professional community.

Yours Truly,

Dr. A

Link for the book below:

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